EX+ solution

EX+ is the first Employee Experience Management System (ExMS) and combines the latest insights from behavioural science and people-centric technology. It was designed to help organisations manage how employees perceive their life, their work and the organisation where they work. A positive EX means employees are thriving and will help their organisations thrive too. 

EX+ consists of four modules that support employees and organisations as they work together to improve the employee experience. These modules are Welliba Lounge (onboarding), Welliba Snapshot (baseline EX measurement, insights and advice), Welliba Companion (ongoing measurement, insights and advice), and Welliba Dashboard (organisational insights, advice and impact).




For individuals
  • Self-insight into what drives employee experience

  • Context insight into what boosts or blocks experience at work and at home

  • On-demand personalised advice to help with personal growth, wellbeing and work-life balance

For organisations
  • High quality, real-time data on employee experience. (Benchmarks over time and against industry, company size etc.)

  • Scientific insights to evaluate the ROI on initiatives

  • Employees become more resilient and more able to develop to meet the challenges in agile organisations

  • A more competitive brand as an employer

How it works

Welliba Lounge™
Welliba Lounge™ is a web-based portal for employees to register for EX+, to complete Welliba Snapshot (or potentially other surveys), and to access their profile. Welliba Lounge can also be a continuous entry point for survey completion and profile access.

Regardless of whether an employee uses Snapshot, Companion, or both, Welliba Lounge will always be the entry point into EX+.
Welliba Snapshot™
Welliba Snapshot™ is a 10-minute questionnaire that applies all the principles of Welliba’s approach to understanding employee experience (EX). It is the first psychometric measure of EX in the market and enables organisations to make better strategic decisions about investments and initiatives that can increase EX. As a result, organisations become more able to positively impact people, business and innovation outcomes.

Employees can complete the Snapshot via desktop or mobile devices. It can be completed in one sitting or split into several shorter sessions. The information gathered with the Snapshot will be kept up-to-date and can be complemented via micro-conversations from Welliba Companion.
Welliba Companion™
Welliba Companion™ provides continuous support for employees and accompanies them on their experience journey using personalised micro-interactions. The app provides measurement activities and presents users with recommendations for resources, as well as company-triggered pulse questions. It is a native app accessible on IOS and Android mobile devices and can be downloaded through the App Store or Play Store. Logging in requires a Welliba account that can be set up in Welliba Lounge.

Employees decide how much time they spend using Welliba Companion, but each micro-conversation/ interaction only takes about 2-3 mins. Notification preferences (day and time) can be set by the user in the app settings and can also be switched off completely.
Welliba Dashboard™
Welliba Dashboard™ Is a focal point for high quality, real-time data on employee experience, which is aggregated from individual data. It uses AI to analyse employee experience problems and guide employers towards solutions. The dashboard provides graphs on the Welliba Employee Experience Index, interactions & participation, potential risk areas, results of pulse surveys, changes in experience over time, and (as soon as available) benchmarks against other companies in the same industry, location etc., as well as differences between internal groups such as departments, locations and functions.

Business outcomes

customer satisfaction
targeted investment
sick leave


We appreciate that employees are trusting us with information that is important to them, and we want to be transparent about how we use it. Our solution follows the ‘Privacy by Design’ principle: data protection is built into our technology. We make sure employees own their data, decide who to share it with, and will always have full control of their data. Organisations only have access to aggregate data that shows how employee experience is evolving at group levels.

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