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Take Psychosocial Risk Assessment to the Next Level

Welliba blends the best of behavioural science with ethical AI to better understand the root causes of psychosocial risk in teams and organisations. Our award-winning HR technology offers personalised guidance to managers and employees in a scalable way to empower everyone to take action on what’s most relevant for them.


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Move beyond compliance

Managing Psychosocial Risk: 

Going beyond compliance

Most companies are legally obligated to protect their employees from risks and hazards. Traditional psychosocial risk assessments aim to measure the physical and psychosocial safety of employees but they don’t lead to lasting positive change or measuring true social impact.

Welliba helps organisations and teams better understand the holistic experience of employees. Our approach empowers with personalised guidance, improves ROI on psychosocial risk assessment initiatives, and creates a culture of care and sustainable performance.

Clients who trust in Welliba

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Welliba can deploy a validated psychosocial risk questionnaire to employees (desk workers and/or front-line staff) which takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.


Instant Insight into the True Drivers of Psychosocial Risk in Organisations

Welliba’s validated scientific approach to psychosocial risk assessment and measurement technology enables central team members and managers to instantly see and understand the real drivers of opportunities and risks for the relevant team.

Predict Outcomes for Each Team

Our validated model can predict important business and people metrics, such as flight risk, trust, absenteeism, growth, wellbeing, psychological safety and more.

Still have Questions?

Our technology can deploy additional pulse questionnaires or use unique polls to identify root causes of issues and areas for immediate improvement and solutions within the team.

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Manager Hub

Personalised Guidance for Every Manager

Track Progress in Real-Time

Gain instant feedback about psychosocial risks in your team and opportunities for improvement. Monitor the impact of specific initiatives by team.

Access Personalised Tools & Learning Resources

Welliba's AI personalises learning resources and tools to help people managers support their teams according to their unique needs. Additionally, we can map company training and resources such as Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) that are available but often under-utilised.

Personalised Guidance for Every Employee

Increase Self-Awareness of All Employees

Upon completing Welliba's psychosocial risk assessment, employees receive personalised insights, resources, and practical tips, empowering them to take ownership of enhancing their employee experience within a thriving workplace environment.

Privacy as Priority

Welliba puts the privacy of employee data at the heart of psychosocial risk assessment. People managers, HR or other central team members only get access to aggregate data to ensure the privacy of employees, which allows them to answer psychosocial risk questions honestly. By prioritising privacy and data security, managers can create a safe space for open dialogue and valuable feedback.

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Less likely to take


MORE likely to feel they can
TRUST their Employer


LESS likely to feel work has a
NEGATIVE IMPACT on their health

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