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We are ushering in a revolutionary era in employee experience (EX), and we invite you to embark on this exciting journey with us. Together, we will empower organisations and employees to collaborate seamlessly in attracting, onboarding, retaining, and nurturing exceptional talent that consistently delivers outstanding performance.

About Us

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Who are we
Welliba consists of a global group of highly experienced occupational psychologists, privacy professionals, HR, UX, IT and commercial experts. Our aim is to unlock a better employee experience for both individuals and organisations.
Where we come from
The multicultural global team, consisting of close to 50 colleagues from over 15 nationalities, that created Welliba has been driving the use of scientific psychometric methods in HR for more than 30 years. We have achieved incredible success in disrupting and innovating the way companies use psychometric insights to make better decisions in hiring, promoting, and developing people.
What we do
We combine the best in behavioural science, human-centred technology and robust data privacy measures to deliver insights to our clients and their employees, on the key drivers of their employee experience.
Why do we do it
We want to help organisations and employees unlock a better employee experience. This will help employers to increase attraction, onboarding, retention and development of talent, whilst providing better insights to individuals and giving them the right tools to prosper at home and at work.
Where do we work
We have 40 colleagues working in 9 countries around the world, with core teams based in Germany and Ireland. We operate a "Remote First" environment, although we encourage our teams to frequently meet face-to-face to foster innovation, collaboration and create a sense of community.
What you should expect

To work in a creative and innovative environment, were you will apply and develop a broad range of skills related to human behaviour, technology and measurement.

Our Values

Every person is unique. We strive for long-term commitment by offering people relevant, actionable and personalised insights. This enables people to use their own intrinsic motivation as a powerful driver for change.

Empowering People

Welliba’s extensive research has uncovered the intrinsic drivers of employee experience and mapped specific contextual boosters and blockers that externally influence employee experience. 

Leading with Scientific Insights

Welliba’s approach works best when people provide honest data about themselves and their context, both at work and in their personal life. Only strong guarantees of privacy will convince employees to do so.

Respecting Privacy

Open Positions

Customer Success

Head of Customer Success

As the Head of Customer Success, your focus will be on implementing effective strategies to drive the adoption and growth of Welliba's technology among clients and individual users. Your goal is to enhance the customer experience and increase client renewals. You will collaborate closely with international market leaders and internal teams to leverage their expertise and enhance the success of Welliba's technology implementation

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Product & Solutions Team

Implementation Specialist

As an expert Implementation Consultant at Welliba, your role will be pivotal in ensuring the successful global deployment of our cutting-edge psychometric products. You will support project implementation, client setup, and product configurations, collaborating seamlessly with country leaders and IT professionals to deliver our innovative solutions.

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Working Student & Intern Roles

Solution Implementation

Intern / Working Student

As part of the solution implementation team at Welliba, you will gain insights and experience in delivering successful global deployment of our cutting-edge psychometric products. You will work with project implementation, client setup, and product configurations, collaborating seamlessly with country leaders and IT professionals to deliver our innovative solutions.

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Intern / Working Student

As a member of the UX/UI Design team at Welliba, you will be a crucial player in supporting the creation and improvement of psychometric products that will shape the future of employee experience. Your close collaboration with cross-functional teams, including product & content specialists and IT professionals, will breathe life into innovative concepts and guarantee the global success of our products.

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Translation and Content Management

Intern / Working Student

As a member of the Translation and Content team at Welliba, you will play a vital role in ensuring that our products are accessible to a global audience. Your primary focus is to support the automation and optimization of product content localization through the use of state-of-the-art AI-driven translation systems.

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Content Creation

Intern / Working Student

As a member of the Content team at Welliba, you will work closely with diverse teams to develop and improve psychometric products that have a transformative impact on the global employee experience.

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Sales & Marketing

Marketing Executive

In this position, you will have a crucial role in shaping and implementing our marketing strategies. Your main tasks will involve collaborating with central teams and country leaders to develop and execute marketing campaigns, increase brand visibility, and generate leads.

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