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About us

Welliba has been created by a global group of highly experienced occupational psychologists, privacy professionals, HR, UX and IT experts. Our aim is to unlock a better employee experience for individuals and organisations. When employees and the organisation work together, it will lead to better attraction, onboarding, retention and development of talent that performs.

About Welliba

Our mission & core values

At Welliba, we help organisations and employees unlock a better employee experience (EX) to improve attraction, employee onboarding, retention and development of talent that performs.

Our mission is to help organisations move beyond their traditional employee listening and engagement solutions by combining the best in behavioural science, human-centred technology, robust data privacy measures, and the support of a multicultural global team to drive better outcomes for organisations and their employees.

Every person is unique. We strive for long-term commitment by offering people relevant, actionable and personalised insights. This enables people to use their own intrinsic motivation as a powerful driver for change.

Welliba’s approach combines behavioural science with human-centred technology. This enables HR to give employees more ownership of their own employee experience

Empowering People

Welliba’s extensive research has uncovered the intrinsic drivers of employee experience and mapped specific contextual boosters and blockers that externally influence employee experience. 

Welliba’s insights help both individuals and organisations to unlock their potential and create a new and more holistic concept of employee experience.

Leading with Scientific Insights

Welliba’s approach works best when people provide honest data about themselves and their context, both at work and in their personal life. Only strong guarantees of privacy will convince employees to do so

Our solutions follow the ‘Privacy by Design’ principle. We make sure people own their data, decide who to share it with, and always have full control of it.

Respecting Privacy

Where we come from

The multicultural global team, consisting of close to 50 colleagues from over 15 nationalities, that created Welliba has been driving the use of scientific psychometric methods in HR for more than 30 years. We have achieved incredible success in disrupting and innovating the way companies use psychometric insights to make better decisions in hiring, promoting, and developing people. We have first-hand experience in what speeds up or stalls behaviour transformation in organisations. Now we are using our knowledge and experience to create solutions that improve employee experience by supporting individual growth and wellbeing as well as corporate resilience and sustainability.

We’re hiring

Sales & Commercial Leadership Roles (M/F/D)
Sales & Commercial Leadership Roles (M/F/D)
Sales & Commercial Leadership Roles (M/F/D)

Meet the team

Leadership Team

David Barrett

Chief Executive Officer

Achim Preuss

Chief Information Officer

Joe Barrett

Chief Financial Officer

Lena Justenhoven

Chief Product & Solutions Officer

Mario Martella

Chief Technology Officer

Katarina Coppe

Chief Commercial Officer

Richard Justenhoven

Chief Measurement Officer

Charles Butler

Group Solicitor

Laura Cardiff

Group Financial Controller

Simon Foley

Chief Sales & Business Operations Officer

Andreas Lohff

Strategic Advisor

Jeroen Schoolmeesters

Country Leader

Hendrik Schossau

Sales Director DACH

Stephen Forde

Commercial Lead

Alessandro Groggia

Country Leader

Renate Hezemans

Country Leader

Javier Arean

Country Leader

Abed Al Shaer

Market Leader

Howard Grosvenor

Country Leader

Jodi O'Dell

Professional Services Director

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