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A clear signal to immediate targeted action.

EX+ helps organisations move beyond traditional employee engagement and listening strategies that often result in questionable ROI.

Our AI-driven platform combines the best of behavioural science and human-centred technology: a scientifically valid and predictive EX model with robust data privacy measures. EX+ offers personalised predictive insights, along with access to internal and external tools and learning resources to improve people and business outcomes at an organisational, management AND employee level.


How does Welliba EX+ work?


Welliba Dashboard™

  • Monitor how employee experience (EX) is evolving in real-time.
  • Predict people outcomes such as flight risk, absenteeism and engagement for specific subgroups.
  • Interact with specific subgroups without compromising the privacy of employees.
  • Evaluate the ROI on people initiatives.

Manager Dashboard

  • Real time data to predict and improve people and business outcomes of teams
  • AI identifies areas to praise and maintain, and other areas that require focus and attention
  • On-demand, personalised access to relevant internal and external tools and learning resources based on team data.
  • Tools, resources and training can be mapped to your learning management system (LMS) and/or to our library

Welliba Companion™

  • Self-insight for employees into what drives their EX and what boosts and blocks their EX.
  • AI offers employees access to personalised insights and advice to improve EX. Relevant tools, resources and targeted development journeys can be delivered via a simple integration to your Learning Management System (LMS) or using our external library of 1,000+ resources.
  • Employees get the opportunity to take ownership of their EX with the insights, advice, and resources they receive in EX+. This enables them to achieve personal growth, wellbeing, and a better EX.
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Business outcomes

EX+ can be used to improve impact on a wide range of people programmes. Whether used in small teams or across an entire organisation, the impact on both individuals and the organisation is immediate. 

Improve impact on people programmes
Early careers and onboarding
Change and transformation
Health, safety and wellbeing
Diversity and inclusion
Corporate and social responsibility
Talent & leadership development
Employee listening & culture
Manager Effectiveness
Employee listening, engagement & culture
Employee Value proposition

Reduction in
intention to quit


Improvement in
eNPS score


Reduction in the
likelihood of sick leave


Welliba follows a “Privacy by Design” principle, with data protection built into our technology, employers and managers only have access to aggregated data. Employees always remain the owners of their own data, which enables participants to trust their responses are kept confidential and that they can be honest in their interaction with the platform. This results in more accurate data, which is beneficial to the organisation and its employees.

 As employees provide accurate and complete data about their employee experience, they receive personalised insights, tips and actions to take more ownership of their employee experience in their unique context.

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