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Empower your managers 

Welliba's award-winning HR technology blends behavioural science with ethical AI, empowering managers to unlock their leadership potential and enhance team performance through mass personalisation.


Empower Managers | Empower Teams

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Managing employee experience (EX)

The key to manager effectiveness and team performance

Managers face unique challenges, adapting to expanding roles without sufficient support for team success. Existing managerial insights often fall short, hindering effective change.

Welliba's approach equips managers with real-time data and personalised insights, empowering them with tips and resources to take action with their teams. By providing them with tailored content based on their team's needs, managers can focus on key areas to enable a high performing team.

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Understand | Data & Insights on Teams 

Understand What is Relevant within Each Team

Built on behavioural science, our approach to EX enables managers to grasp how the unique characteristics of the employees interact with their external environment at home and work. Instead of relying on anecdotal feedback, they gain immediate insights into what drives individuals, the causes of any challenges, and how to maximise performance opportunities.

Predict Team Specific Outcomes

Our validated EX model predicts key business and people metrics, such as flight risk, trust, absenteeism, growth, wellbeing, psychological safety and more.

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Empower | Personalised Guidance Based on Data

Track Progress in Real-time

Managers gain instant feedback about their team's evolving needs, highlighting areas for continued success and pinpointing opportunities for improvement.

Access Personalised Tools and Learning Resources

Welliba's AI personalises learning resources and tools, empowering managers to support their teams according to their unique needs. Company training resources can be mapped to our personalisation engine, ensuring each manager gets relevant resources to help support their team.

Increase Self-Awareness of Team Members

Upon completing our EX questionnaire, team members receive personalised insights, resources, and practical tips, empowering them to take part in enhancing their own employee experience.

Listen | Enrich your understanding

Gain Further Insights

Send out pulse questions or use unique polls to delve deeper into the root causes of issues, areas for improvement and potential solutions within your team.

Real-Time News & Engagement

Instantly share company updates and keep your team informed about new initiatives. Showcase how employee feedback directly translates into tangible actions and has real value.

Privacy by Design

Welliba puts the privacy of employee data at the heart of EX Management. Managers and HR only view aggregated data, ensuring employee privacy while fostering honest responses. Prioritising data security enables open dialogue and authentic, valuable feedback.


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