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Case Study | du

Supporting young Emirati talent at the start of their careers

Sector: Integrated Communications Company

du is one of the two main telecom operators in the United Arab Emirates. They offer fixed-line, mobile telephony, internet, and digital television services across the UAE. Founded in 2005, du has over 3,000 employees.

“Employee experience is never easy to measure, but for early career talent, it is especially difficult. We already invest a lot in helping our young employees thrive, but we were interested in seeing more data and getting new perspectives on what shapes their EX. Welliba’s science and solution helps us understand some new ideas to take the current listening approaches to a different level”

Jan Houben
Talent Manager

“We partnered with Welliba to better understand how to support graduates starting out at our HQ and technology divisions, so they can thrive and grow. Welliba’s data-driven insights helped us to cater specifically to their needs. We were also able to link the findings directly to key business metrics, while our employees could access personalised insights and resources to manage their own employee experience."

Dr. Alia Al Serkal
Head of People, Learning & Growth
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du is a progressive, forward-thinking firm, looking for new ways to innovate and improve what they do. They recognise that graduates may, at times, feel disconnected in their new work environment and that there is sometimes a need for greater support to create a positive, enriched experience at work.

du wanted to provide a more personalised form of support and to enable open and honest conversations about employee experience and growth.

Objectives for graduates
Empower graduates
Give ownership
Provide a personalised service
Offer actionable advice
Improve self-awareness
Business objectives
Obtain practical information
Access to business insights
Get insights into where to target resources
Support the UAE Emiratisation initiative to drive nationalisation efforts
Welliba; Ex+ graphic for employee experience data visualisation dashboard

Welliba’s solution to predict and improve EX: 
Welliba EX Snapshot™

Welliba’s research has uncovered the intrinsic drivers of EX (self-insight) and mapped external contextual boosters and blockers (context insight) that influence EX.

Welliba’s predictive EX Snapshot maps all critical and personal factors in less than 10 minutes to reveal a broad image of what EX looks like at a specific point in time. The data is aggregated and displayed in Welliba Dashboard™.

Welliba insights and benchmarks

An initial cohort of young Emirati talent from the Graduate Trainee Programme was invited to complete the Welliba EX Snapshot™. This was the first phase of a staged approach; whereby additional cohorts will be included as they start their graduate programme.


Du telecom stats@330x-8
More than 77% registrations.
The Welliba Index ranges from 70-130 with an average of 100. The Welliba Index of this group was considerably higher (115) than the global benchmark (91).
In terms of Self factors, results suggest that graduates are feeling optimistic and willing to take ownership of their development but are also experiencing pressure.
In terms of Context factors, the key boosters are learning and development opportunities and top-down communication.
Key blockers were personal and family commitments/events. This reflected the conflict experienced by graduates balancing work and family commitments whilst facing the challenge of new working patterns (Friday becoming a business day with flexible working hours).


The employees from the early career talent group completed the Welliba EX Snapshot™. Results showed that:

All graduates who completed their snapshot received personalised insights into their EX and the factors that shape it.
Based on individual scores, each member got access to learning resources to help develop a better EX.
du gained new predictive insights into personal drivers, boosters and blockers and comparisons to Welliba’s early career benchmark.
The insights Welliba provided can support the case to continue in new and existing people investments supporting du’s ambition with regards to Emiratisation, and to be an innovative, forward-thinking employer.
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