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Case Study | Development Beyond Learning

Improving employee experience to achieve strategic objectives

Sector: Customised Training & Development for Early Career Talent & Managers

Development Beyond Learning specialises in using behavioural science to future-proof businesses and careers by designing customised training and development modules. DBL has offices in Sydney and London.

“Employee experience is never easy to measure, but for early career talent, it is especially difficult. We already invest a lot in helping our young employees thrive, but we were interested in seeing more data and getting new perspectives on what shapes their EX. Welliba’s science and solution helps us understand some new ideas to take the current listening approaches to a different level”

Jan Houben
Talent Manager

“DBL’s unique evidence-based approach goes beyond traditional talent programs, focusing on creating a rewarding talent journey that nurtures and develops Early Career Talent. Welliba provides a highly effective measurement solution that makes it possible to monitor that journey, while providing self-insights to Early Career Talent and organisational insights to HR and leaders. We are excited about the new ways in which Welliba can help us to improve the experience of our people and develop our future leaders”.

Pete Humphreys
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The key objective of the partnership with Welliba was to help DBL to achieve its strategic goals for business transformation, commercial growth, and societal impact. DBL wanted to implement Welliba’s digital solution to analyse and understand employee experience. Relevant EX measurement can enable DBL to make better strategic decisions about investments and initiatives aimed at increasing the quality of employee experience (EX) in DBL.

Welliba EX+ was used to:

Increase understanding of levels of engagement of employees at DBL.
Get new insights into leveraging opportunities or removing blockers in order to sustain high levels of commitment within DBL.
Measure the entire employee experience (inc. the learning impact).
Provide reassurances around the ROI of investing in Early Career Talent.
Manage risks around retention by creating a better employee experience.
Expand the scope of our client facing Early Career Talent programs by measuring the ‘employee experience’.
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Welliba’s solution to predict and improve EX: 

Welliba’s research has uncovered the intrinsic drivers of EX (self-insight) and mapped external contextual boosters and blockers (context insight) that influence EX.

Welliba’s predictive EX Questionnaire maps all critical and personal factors within less than 10 minutes to reveal a broad image of what EX looks like at a specific time. The data is aggregated and displayed in Welliba Dashboard™.

Welliba ongoing EX insights and benchmarks

An initial project was launched for a cohort of employees, working from the UK, Singapore, or Australia. Employees were invited to complete the EX-questionnaire.  DBL opted for a staged approach whereby additional data will be included after the initial start-up of the project.

DBL response rate plus boosters and blockers image
The response rate was 90%, which is exceptionally high.
DBL leaders gained a better understanding of the core boosters and blockers, which surfaced valuable insights.
The data revealed where DBL needed to prioritise effort and energy to drive improvements in EX. This included providing more clarity around processes and policies, career progression and advancement. This linked to DBL’s strategic priority of making DBL ‘a great place to build a career’.
Strengths and growth areas were identified, indicating that people had higher levels of confidence and feelings of connectedness, but also revealed opportunities to reduce levels of uncertainty.
Direct manager relationships were highlighted as a booster, indicating an important opportunity to leverage these relations to improve team cohesion.
Trust was highlighted as being high, is an important part of providing a working context within which its people can thrive.
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Employees received personalised insights into their employee experience with actionable advice and relevant resources on how to manage blockers and work on growth areas.
Real-time data continues to provide DBL with ongoing feedback to drive new initiatives.
DBL’s people leaders gained new predictive insights into personal drivers, boosters and blockers, and comparisons across industry standards.
The insights Welliba provided can support new and existing people investments supporting DBL’s strategic ambitions for growth.

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