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Case Study | ByrneWallace

Supporting staff by proactively managing employee experience

Sector: Legal

ByrneWallace LLP is one of Ireland’s largest full-service law firms. It conducts business locally, regionally and on both a national and international basis with links to firms across Europe, the USA and Australasia.

“Employee experience is never easy to measure, but for early career talent, it is especially difficult. We already invest a lot in helping our young employees thrive, but we were interested in seeing more data and getting new perspectives on what shapes their EX. Welliba’s science and solution helps us understand some new ideas to take the current listening approaches to a different level”

Jan Houben
Talent Manager

“We always strive to apply the most rigorous standards in our work. This can put a strain on our people, so we value opportunities to listen to their concerns and feedback. The insights we recently obtained from Welliba’s employee experience platform were encouraging: employees value both the organisation and their colleagues. We will continue to use Welliba’s platform to help us explore how we can provide an even better employee experience in the future”

Ciara Loftus
Head of Human Resources
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It is difficult for companies to gather continuous employee data in a structured way, and even more so to then act on the relevant feedback. This is why leadership at ByrneWallace were interested in improving their company’s listening programme.

By listening more broadly, leaders can get a better understanding of how people across the organisation are doing at work. By listening more intensively, leaders can understand what boosts and/or blocks different people from different departments at work, whilst benchmarking results against an international employee experience (EX) benchmark.

Taking this approach, leaders aimed to gain insight into strengths and areas of improvement at ByrneWallace to understand how to maintain a positive employee experience.

Welliba’s solution to predict and improve EX: 

Welliba’s research has uncovered the intrinsic drivers of EX (self-insight) and mapped external contextual boosters and blockers (context insight) that influence EX.

EX+ maps all contextual and personal factors to reveal a broad image of EX. Employees get personalised insights and access to learning and development resources by interacting with EX+. HR gets access to aggregate real-time data to manage EX and its related business outcomes.

EX+ supports ByrneWallace’s continuous listening strategy that motivates colleagues to share quality data by giving them personalised feedback at the same time as protecting their privacy. The Leadership team are using EX+ as an opportunity to participate in two-way communications. 

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Welliba ongoing EX insights and impact

All employees were invited to register on Welliba’s EX+ platform. As a result:

HR gained a better understanding of boosters and blockers that affect employee experience and performance. For example: 87% currently consider flexible working arrangements as a booster.
The platform also identified a need for clarity around processes and policies as a topic to be addressed, something the Firm is able to take swift action on.
HR can use EX+ to proactively work towards retaining key talent and design initiatives to target specific needs. For example, identifying a way to support colleagues’ strong motivation to learn and develop with the possibility of a dedicated monthly learning time.
Employees received personalised insights into their experience and were directed to resources to help improve their experience.
HR gains access to real-time data to help address specific issues and use targeted news and polls to further explore potential issues.
The data gathered helps predict key people-related business outcomes such as commitment to the Firm.

“Our people have clearly indicated that they experience their relationships at ByrneWallace as based on trust and support. For instance, our Flexible Working Program is experienced as an overwhelming success. Such insights help to understand why relationships at ByrneWallace are generally long-lasting”.

Ciara Loftus
Head of Human Resources

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