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Case Study | Accenture

Managing employee experience during acquisition & onboarding

Sector: Consulting

Accenture is a global consulting firm. Accenture in Belgium and Luxembourg employs around 1,500 people. The global organisation has an estimated 738,000 employees.

“Employee experience is never easy to measure, but for early career talent, it is especially difficult. We already invest a lot in helping our young employees thrive, but we were interested in seeing more data and getting new perspectives on what shapes their EX. Welliba’s science and solution helps us understand some new ideas to take the current listening approaches to a different level”

Jan Houben
Talent Manager

“Successfully onboarding new talent to Accenture, after an acquisition, makes our people and our business thrive. We chose to partner with Welliba to better manage the employee experience (EX) during such an onboarding and integration process. Welliba’s science and technology make it possible to manage the EX of a very specific team thanks to a unique continuous listening approach.”

Anne Selis
Talent Strategy Lead, Accenture Belux

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Accenture has recently acquired Greenfish, a high-growth sustainability consulting firm to help drive growth in that line of business. Significant investment has already gone into onboarding and integrating new talent.

Several surveys have been conducted to listen to employees, whilst training and development opportunities were made available. But in the complicated context of onboarding employees from an acquired firm, it is difficult to obtain great adoption and participation rates. Current listening approaches rarely succeed in enabling HR to target communication and personalise onboarding support to specific needs in a scalable way.

Welliba’s solution to predict and improve EX: 
EX+ to predict and improve employee experience

Welliba’s research has uncovered the intrinsic drivers of EX (self-insight) and mapped external contextual boosters and blockers (context insight) that influence EX.

EX+ maps all critical and personal factors to reveal a broad image of EX. Employees get personalised insights and access to learning resources by interacting with EX+. HR gets access to aggregate real-time data to manage EX and its business outcomes.

EX+ supports Accenture’s continuous listening strategy that motivates participants to share quality data by giving individuals personalised feedback, whilst protecting their privacy.

HR and the communication team promoted EX+ as an opportunity to participate in two-way communications. HR asked participants to leverage the key boosters of the culture of the acquired team to thrive in the new organisation.

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“Becoming part of a larger organisation always brings its unique opportunities and challenges. Leveraging the strengths of our people to remove some of the blockers in the new environment is critical to our success.”

Nicolas Radelet
Leader of Human Capital Group Greenfish (now Accenture)

Welliba EX+ helps to give more ownership to all our new joiners through personalised EX insights and access to the wealth of Accenture development resources. We do not want to base our initiatives on assumptions or anecdotes, so we looked for a solution that offers predictive data to develop our people as well as our organisation.”

Anne Selis
Talent Strategy Lead, Accenture Belux

Welliba ongoing EX insights and impact

All the employees of the acquired team were invited to use EX+. As a result:

  • The response rate was 20x the last participation rate on a central survey.
  • HR gained a better understanding of boosters and blockers, and how they affect employee experience and performance.
  • HR received insights into people risks that need to be focused on in the short and long term.
  • HR can use EX+ to proactively work towards retaining key talent and design initiatives to target specific issues and groups.
  • Employees received personalised insights into their experience, which were linked to internal Accenture resources and external resources from Welliba to help improve their experience.
  • HR and the communications team have access to real-time data to help address specific issues and use targeted news and polls to further explore potential issues and solutions
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