Welliba: Unlock a better experience

Welliba empowers individuals and organisations to unlock potential and create a first-class employee experience (EX).

How do we unlock a better experience?

We do so by providing employees with personalised insights and actionable advice to help them understand and improve their EX with the support of their organisation.

Employee experience describes how employees experience their work and life, which is the result of interactions between their characteristics and their environment. People can learn to influence these interactions if they become more aware of them and are provided with personal and actionable advice.

Improving EX is a key factor for organisations to successfully adapt to new business and workforce challenges. When employees thrive, their organisations can thrive too. Unfortunately, EX is remarkably hard to manage using current approaches.


EX+ marks the start of a new era 

Welliba is pioneering a new approach to employee experience by combining behavioural science with human-centred technology. Our goal is to give employees more ownership of their own experience journey towards personal and professional growth, whilst helping them to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

EX+ uses people-centric technology and AI to make employee ownership of EX possible. EX+ supports employees and HR as they cooperate to create a better employee experience. It provides employees with real-time insights on their employee experience and AI-driven advice to improve their experience.
Simultaneously, HR get access to aggregate data to track EX at group level and understand how to improve existing EX-initiatives or plan new programmes. No individual data is ever shared.

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The science of employee experience

EX+ was designed based on thoroughly researched scientific studies into wellbeing and employee experience. It uses proven behavioural science and psychometric techniques to give employees more ownership of their experience. Welliba has documented how it approaches wellbeing, employee experience, measuring EX (The Welliba Index), and managing EX.

Read our whitepapers and other resources about our approach.


About us

Welliba was created by an international group of highly experienced Occupational Psychologists, HR Professionals and IT Experts. We share the belief that providing people with meaningful insights about themselves and their contexts, will empower them to manage their personal and professional development and lead them to an altogether happier and more balanced life.

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