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Better insights on employee engagement

Welliba | Listen, Understand, Empower

Welliba can support your organisation in:

  • Employee Experience Measurement
  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Listening
  • Early Career & Onboarding
  • Human Capital Benchmarking
  • Psychosocial Risk Assessment
  • Manager Effectiveness
  • Workforce Health & Employee Wellbeing
  • Employee Learning and Development
  • Learning Experience Management
One solution to support multiple areas

Scientifically validated for better people and business impact

  • New insights into business outcomes
  • Better management of people programmes
  • More ownership of development 


More likely to


More likely to feel they can GROW & SELF-IMPROVE


More likely to feel they can TRUST their employer


More likely to share IDEAS & CONCERNS

“We chose to partner with Welliba to better manage the employee experience during our onboarding and integration process after a strategic acquisitionWelliba makes it possible to manage the EX of a very specific team. Their unique continuous listening approach helps to give more ownership to all our new joiners through personalised EX insights and access to the wealth of Accenture development resources. And we get real-time, predictive data which enables to develop our people as well as our organisation.”

Brahim Boujida
Human Resources Director, Accenture

We used the Welliba platform to get thorough insights into the Employee Experience of our early career talent and compare the scores with an international benchmark. The results showed all the ways in which we were on the right track and offered new insights that can help us to fine-tune future initiatives. We can recommend Welliba for the effectiveness of their tool for both organization and employee, and for the support they provided to make the project run smoothly.

Merel van Dorp
Team Reward & Employee Relations

“Welliba EX+ helps to give more ownership to all our new joiners through personalised EX insights and access to the wealth of Accenture development resources. We do not want to base our initiatives on assumptions or anecdotes, so we looked for a solution that offers predictive data to develop our people as well as our organisation.”

Anne Selis
Talent Strategy Lead

As a company that is constantly evolving, our culture is the key driving force behind our employees’ experiences. A proactive and data-driven approach is essential to any transformation project. Our responsibility as a team is to remove potential blockers long before they happen. Welliba’s data-driven & self-insight approach to employee experience allows us to complement our current model with predictive data around key metrics such as flight risk, psychological and physical wellbeing, and employee trust. We see this as an opportunity to broaden our understanding of what our technology talent needs to thrive day to day.

Eva Roca
Talent Director | Spain

"We partnered with Welliba to better understand how to support graduates starting out at our HQ and technology divisions, so they can thrive and grow. Welliba's data-driven insights helped us to cater specifically to their needs. We were also able to link the findings directly to key business metrics, while our employees could access personalised insights and resources to manage their own employee experience"

Dr Alia Al Serkal
Head of People, Learning & Growth

“By partnering with Welliba, we were able to scientifically measure the employee experience of our early career talent and gather predictive measures of engagement, performance, flight risk and absenteeism. The data on their EX and what drives it was eye-opening: it allowed us to understand what is already working well, and to plan what else we can do to support our early career talent.” 

Louise De Wulf
Talent PMO, Employer Branding

“Working with Welliba allows us to bring personalised learning recommendations and access to resources that best fit the needs of expectations of thousands of users backed by rigorous science and psychometrics. This combination also works to increase user engagement and participation with our platform on a continuous basis; increasing value for the individual, our organisation, for multiple employers and society in the wider sense.

Mike Feerick

“Employee experience is never easy to measure, but for early career talent, it is especially difficult. We already invest a lot in helping our young employees thrive, but we were interested in seeing more data and getting new perspectives on what shapes their EX. Welliba’s science and solution helps us understand some new ideas to take the current listening approaches to a different level”

Jan Houben
Talent Manager

Becoming part of a larger organisation always brings its unique opportunities and challenges. Welliba’s solution helps us respond to new trends and signals in real-time whilst maintaining confidentiality. Instead of going with a one size fits all solution, Welliba offers us relevant insights to help us better understand our people and stimulate them to participate in a way that ensures our new company becomes a better place where everyone can thrive.”

Nicolas Radelet
Leader of Human Capital Group Greenfish (Now Accenture)

"We believe that supporting the holistic development of our members is crucial to the advancement of the aviation industry. Our partnership with Welliba represents a significant step forward in providing the necessary resources to help future and current pilots thrive at all career stages."

Andy O'Shea
CEO & President

Welliba truly brings something new to the market with a holistic approach to Employee Experience and engagement. There are multiple use cases from insights into what boosts or blocks experience at work and at home, to engagement data that predicts churn and absenteeism. A wealth of data for people teams to tap into, but also actionable nudges for the end users to better manage their own productivity and energy levels.

Catalina Schveninger | People Strategy Consultant
Member of Forbes Human Resources Council

I love the Welliba approach.  It puts the employee truly in charge of their own destiny when it comes to employee experience, and at the same time provides the company with the data insights they need to improve employee experience at a cultural level.  This focus on employees, and the culture they need to thrive is what turbocharges engagement in critical topics such as health, safety and wellbeing.

Karen J. Hewitt
Bestselling author of 'People Power - Transform your Business in the Era of Safety and Wellbeing'

Welliba has redesigned the approach to gathering data in HR. Their approach is quick, engaging and personal, respects respondent privacy, and is mutually beneficial to employees and organisations. We are looking at a game changer that solves very persistent problems in psychometric data gathering.

Klaus Stulle | Distinguished Professor for Business Psychology
University in Cologne, Germany

“We always strive to apply the most rigorous standards in our work. This can put a strain on our people, so we value opportunities to listen to their concerns and feedback. The insights we recently obtained from Welliba’s employee experience platform were encouraging: employees value both the organisation and their colleagues. We will continue to use Welliba’s platform to help us explore how we can provide an even better employee experience in the future”

Ciara Loftus
Head of Human Resources

“Welliba has developed a software application that prioritises data protection and privacy. The innovative approach allows companies to seamlessly integrate the application into their existing infrastructure. Employees are given access, can provide relevant feedback in a confidential manner and have instant access to personalised content. At the same time, Welliba's solution allows for target group-specific insights into relevant topics without compromising the confidentiality of the individual.”

Anne Fischer

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